Our partners

To meet the needs of its customers, ATOUT CHIMIE has established special relationships with professionals involved in the implementation of REACH, CLP and Biocides.


A service of CCI France, the CFDE (Training Center for Sustainable Development and the Environment) created in 1969, is a recognized training organization offering a varied range of services on regulatory and technical topics in the major fields of the industrial environment and sustainable development, such as: environmental law, water and biodiversity, waste, energy transition, polluted sites and soils, natural and technological risks, health and the environment, the economy circular, communication, CSR, and town planning.


“ACTE International is a service company specializing in the global management of supply and distribution chains around the world. Founded in 1995 by Anne LE ROLLAND, ACTE International exercises all the supply chain management trades: freight forwarder and customs broker, auditing and consulting firm in international import-export trade, and professional training center. international trade, ACTE International develops secure and optimized solutions for international trade operators ... Whatever their size or the complexity of their organization! ACTE International has been involved since 2007 in supporting importers and training their international suppliers in the legal obligations of REACH regulations. Our areas of excellence include: decryption of regulations, technical management of Purchasing and Sales teams, diagnosis of REACH compliance and REACH / SVHC regulatory monitoring. "


Since its creation 50 years ago, Adamas, an independent firm made up of 60 lawyers, has developed a demanding conception of the profession of lawyer, a certain vision of relationships between people, and a sense of daring. The first firm established in China, Adamas is also recognized as a benchmark firm in the public sector, and has developed for several years in the private sector, gradually becoming a benchmark in the field of energy, mobility, and health.


COSMED has now become the first representative network of SMEs in the cosmetics industry in France. There are 720 member companies bringing together all the businesses in the sector: mainly own brands, but also suppliers, manufacturers, expertise laboratories, etc. Composed of 90% of SMEs, COSMED is now considered a key player in the cosmetics industry.


AFPIC Formation, a training and advisory body, supports companies on the path to performance in the areas of health, safety and the environment. Due to its origins in the chemical and biological industries, AFPIC Formation has particular and recognized expertise in the fields of chemical and biological risk prevention.


Ile-de-France Association of Industries for the Study and Management of the Environment and Safety.

AFINEGE provides its members with all the useful information to allow them optimal management in the areas of health, safety and the environment. It has an interface role with representatives of the state and / or the region in these areas.


For 20 years, SELERANT has developed its expertise with more than 500 clients and many leaders in the processing sectors. Initially a regulatory software publisher, SELERANT has evolved to meet the needs of its customers by providing them with formulation and collaboration tools.

Via EuSHEET software, SELERANT offers a solution dedicated to the classification and labeling of substances and mixtures, as well as the editing of SDSs.

Maïté Cornil

Maïté CORNIL: Independent consultant-trainer in various sectors (chemicals, food processing, metallurgy, plastics, textiles, etc.).

25 years of professional experience in the industrial field (RHODIA CHIMIE, Professional Organization of Chemistry), a keen sense of observation, a spirit of analysis and synthesis, allow him to advise companies on many health issues and occupational safety. Its expertise is notably based on the management of chemicals in the context of REACH and CLP regulations.

"Passion for the profession, professional ethics and human values ​​are the common thread of my interventions! "